‘Powering STEM’ celebrates graduating Trinity Walton Club students

Posted on: 09 March 2018

A special event — ‘Powering STEM’ — will this Saturday March 10th (2:45 pm – 5:00 pm) mark the completion of four years’ hard work and commitment from the inaugural secondary school club members of the Trinity Walton Club.

The Trinity Walton Club is a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education enrichment programme at Trinity College Dublin. Walton Club students embark on a 100-week educational experience, developing skills across problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and communications.

‘Powering STEM’ is a celebration of the first young people to sign up to the club and the commitment they have shown. At this event each team of students will present their detailed research projects around the theme ‘Sustainable World’. The students projects include:

  • The Power of Sound: an experimental investigation into the use of waste sound energy as a potential form of electrical energy
  • an investigation into how we can minimise human error in recycling
  • D.O.O.M (Destruction Of Our Masses): this research is a study into natural disasters and the destruction they cause, which may ultimately leading to humanity’s decline
  • Project Lír: research into developing a universal, financially viable solution for the filtration and desalination of contaminated water for application in the Third World
  • SERVA (soil: electronically and remotely viewing attributes): a project studying sensors and their application in the future of farming
  • The Energy Revolution: an investigation into generating useful electrical energy from revolving doors

Trinity Walton Club Director, Professor Arlene Gallagher, said: “Trinity Walton Club provides an opportunity for our university to play an active role in nurturing tomorrow’s trailblazers. We are empowering an ecosystem of critical thinkers and creative problem solvers who can confidently and competently affect positive change in the world.”

Aligned with Trinity’s values, the Trinity Walton Club is a catalyst for strengthening community relations and building valuable partnerships. To date, Trinity Walton Club has worked with over 1,000 second-level students from 247 different schools across 19 counties in Ireland. The club also recruits internationally. Students have travelled from 15 different countries to attend camps with a further 200 international students joining the programme throughout 2018.

Head of Innovation at Bank of Ireland, David Tighe, said: “Bank of Ireland and Trinity College Dublin have a long legacy of working together and we are delighted to support the Trinity Walton Club, an initiative which succeeds through the talent and enthusiasm of students and staff. Ireland’s continued achievement across science and technology can only be assured through support for programmes like this. The Trinity Walton Club’s focus on inclusion and promoting STEM for all is hugely important for our communities and through our community programmes, Bank of Ireland continues to support this mission.”

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