Online Depression Therapy Proves A Success

Posted on: 30 November 2015

A new internet-delivered intervention for depression, devised by Trinity spin-out company SilverCloud Health, could lead to greater access to treatment and improved outcomes for those suffering from mental health difficulties.

A national randomised controlled trial (RCT) – just published in Behaviour Research and Therapy – has shown the efficacy of the SilverCloud Space From Depression programme. The trail was a joint initiative of SilverCloud Health, the charity Aware as well as Dr Derek Richards and Dr Ladislav Timulak, School of Psychology and Dr Gavin Doherty, School of Computer Science.

In the study, Space From Depression, a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) delivered via seven online modules, more than 50% of participants were observed to be in either remission and/or recovered from their symptoms. Importantly, these gains were maintained at both three and six-month follow-ups.

One hundred and eighty eight people volunteered to participate in the randomised controlled trial, which took place during 2014. In addition to completing the seven online modules over the course of eight weeks, candidates also had access to a trained supporter from Aware.

This success of Space From Depression is significant as it provides an easily accessible and

cost-effective means of treatment for those suffering from mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

Dr Derek Richards, Director of Clinical Research & Innovation at SilverCloud Health and Research Fellow at the School of Psychology TCD, commented: “Together with the positive outcomes reported for depression, this study also highlights the possibilities for innovative models of health service delivery.”

Such a model of delivery could overcome issues regarding cost, personal stigma and other barriers that prevent people from accessing treatment.

‘A Randomized Controlled Trial Of An Internet-Delivered Treatment: Its Potential As A Low-Intensity Community Intervention For Adults With Symptoms Of Depression’ will be published in print in Behaviour Research and Therapy (Volume 75, December 2015) doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2015.10.005

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