New Centre for Learning Difficulties Receives Donation from Special Olympics Ireland

Posted on: 23 July 2004

The newly established National Institute for the Study of Learning Difficulties (NISLD) at Trinity College received a generous donation from Special Olympics Ireland (SOI) in July of this year. The grant of €400,000 was made by the Chair of SOI, Fergus Finlay to Provost, John Hegarty at a reception in the Provost’s house. NISLD is committed to promoting the full inclusion for people with learning difficulties through influencing policy development in all aspects of their lives and developing education programmes focused on the lifelong learning needs of people with learning difficulties as well as developing information and resources for family members and carers.. It will also engage in high quality multi-disciplinary research and create a network of research. Through NISLD people with learning difficulties will be given the opportunity to participate in structured curriculum programmes within a third level institution and transferable models of ‘best practice’ will be developed and disseminated to the wider national and international community.