Microsoft brings the XNA Game Studio European Tour to Ireland at TCD

Posted on: 03 December 2007

TCD’s Computer Science lecturers, students, and games developers took part in the Microsoft® XNA® Game Studio Tour at Trinity College on the 26 of November last. The gathered  audience  of 360 people  discovered just how easy it is to turn the games of their dreams into reality with XNA Game Studio, which is now the leading game development platform for students, independent game developers and professionals.

One of the critical challenges for the technology industry has been the falling numbers of computing science and engineering students. The  aim of the XNA Game Studio tour is to make computer science more interesting, and show the game programmers of tomorrow how they can be part of this exciting industry.  

“Interactive entertainment is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of global industry right now,” said Dr Steven Collins, Computer Science lecturer at Trinity College Dublin. “It represents a fantastic opportunity, not just for students but for the local economy and that is why we decided to launch a new postgraduate Masters degree in Interactive Entertainment Technology at  TCD  with XNA Game Studio as a key component.”