IRCSET and IRCHSS Awards for Trinity College Researchers

Posted on: 28 August 2008

Trinity College researchers have achieved great success in the 2008/09 scholarship and award competitions from The Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) and The Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET).

IRCHSS awarded Trinity College 38 out of 154 Postgraduate Research Scholarship awards for 2008/9. These scholarships are granted to students undertaking post-graduate research degrees at third-level institutions in Ireland . TCD applicants also received eight out of a total of 26 IRCHSS Postdoctoral Fellowships, 31% of the total awards granted and two out of 12 Senior Research Fellowships.

TCD researchers achieved 11 out of a total of 55 IRCSET Embark Initiative Postdoctoral Fellowships. Funded by the State under the National Development Plan, the Embark Initiative is aimed at knowledge creation for the long term benefit of society and the economy.  The Fellowship is valued at up to €33,000 per annum for a maximum of two years.  TCD researchers were also awarded 27 of 150 IRCSET Postgraduate Research Scholarships for 2008/09, 18% of the overall awards. Recipients receive €16,002 and €8,001 for fees, appropriate travel and other expenses.


IRCHSS Awards – Postgraduate Scholarship 2008 (PDF 25 kB)

IRCSET Awards – Postgraduate Scholarship 2008 (PDF 19 kB)

IRCSET Embark Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme 2008 (PDF 14 kB)