Institute for International Integration Studies, The Sutherland Centre, launched at Trinity College Dublin

Posted on: 29 June 2001

The Institute for International Integration Studies (IIIS) was formally launched today (Friday 29 June) in Trinity College. On the occasion of the launch a special reception was held in the presence of the guest of honour, Peter Sutherland, the benefactor of the Institute and the first Director General of the World Trade Organisation. Mr Sutherland was recently appointed adjunct Professor of Economics at TCD.

The IIIS will carry out research on a broad range of issues related to what is commonly termed ‘globalization’. To date such research has mainly focused on international economic integration, including its consequences for the reduction of poverty. However, the new IIIS will also explore the cultural, social, legal and political dimensions of international integration. A wide range of departments at Trinity will be involved; these will initially include Economics, Sociology, Business Studies, History, Law, and Political Science. It will also explore regional integration including the European Union.

This interdisciplinary research initiative is built around three core programmes: the World Economy; Globalization and the Nation State; and International Regulation. The research will be carried out in collaboration with other Universities world-wide, and with research institutions in Ireland.

The launch of the IIIS marks the culmination of several years of research activity. The Economics element of the research programmes has been firmly established as the initial cornerstone of the IIIS, building on research activity with already significant output. A Chair in Economics with an emphasis on globalization has been established (Prof. Kevin O’Rourke). In addition, the College has recently appointed internationally recognised experts in the field to the Chair in Sociology (Prof. Robert Holton), and to the newly created Chair of International Business (Prof. Colm Kearney).

“We are confident that, with careful management, the wide-ranging interdisciplinary expertise at Trinity College can be combined to create a unique and powerful centre in Ireland for the study of globalization”, said the Provost, Dr. Thomas Mitchell, “We are honoured and deeply appreciative that a man of Peter Sutherland’s calibre who is recognised internationally as having made an enormous contribution in this area is lending his support to the Institute”.

“Global integration is one of the main socio-economic processes that will determine the future of contemporary societies. Globalization can both be an opportunity and a threat depending on how societies are ready to address the issues involved. There is an explosive growth of interest in this fundamentally interdisciplinary intellectual project, a growth that needs to be focussed by effective institutions, of which few currently exist. I am therefore delighted to be involved in this pioneering Irish research institute at Trinity College”, commented Mr. Peter Sutherland.

The new Institute will be located in a penthouse floor which will be constructed on the Arts Building on the Nassau Street side of the Trinity campus.

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