Increase in CAO Applications for Trinity Courses for 2016

Posted on: 09 March 2016

  • The total number of applications to CAO this year increased from 74,194 in 2015 to 76,082 in 2016.
  • 18,469 students applied to Trinity College Dublin, which is up 3% on 2015 (17,886), representing 24% of the total number of applications submitted to CAO.
  • 7,998 students selected Trinity College Dublin as their first choice (an increase of almost 2% on 2015) representing 10% of the applications for Level 8 courses in the CAO system.
  • The total number of course applications to Trinity College Dublin is also up by 5% (37,688 to 39,568).


  • At Trinity’s Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science first preference applications to the following courses have increased: Earth Sciences (+35%); Human Genetics (+30%); Engineering with Management (+20%); Engineering (+14%); Science (+11%); Computer Science (+5%).
  • At Trinity’s Faculty of Health Sciences first preference applications to Radiation Therapy have increased (+13%). There are decreases in Occupational Therapy (-25%); Physiotherapy (-3%) and Medicine (-8%).  Overall the first preference applications to courses in Nursing and Midwifery are very similar to 2015.
  • At a sectoral level there is a decrease in the numbers applying for Arts and Social degrees and this is reflected in many of our courses. However there are increases in the following courses at Trinity: Music (+20%); History and Political Science (+38%); English (+20%); Clinical Speech and Language Studies (+18%). Also there are 114 first preference applications for the new undergraduate programme in Business which has a quota of 25 places.
  • At a sectoral level the areas showing an increase in the number of first preferences are Architecture (+13%); Dental Science (+13%); Law (+6%); Engineering/Technology (+13%); Administration/Business (+8%).
  •  The number of students applying from Northern Ireland has increased from 725 in 2015 to 885 in 2016 while the overall number of British students applying has decreased from 601 to 591.
  • There are still 6,345 students who have made CAO applications but have not entered any course choices (6,024 in 2015).