Inaugural White Postgraduate Fellowships

Posted on: 06 December 2007

The inaugural White Fellowships in Irish art history at Trinity’s Irish Art Research Centre (TRIARC) have been awarded to M Phil students,  Aodhán Floyd and Jennifer Fitzgibbon, who have recently completed the M.Phil in Irish art history at the centre. Aodhán’s research will examine, inter alia, Irish art exhibitions abroad and the agendas of cultural diplomacy while Jennifer is interested in shifting perspectives among selected art critics and commentators, exposed to global influences. 

Through the White Fellowship, each of the recipients is embarking on a research degree related to an Irish art and migration project which explores how the movement of people and ideas impacts on, or is reflected in, visual expression. As migration continues to be a vital issue in the social, economic and political profile of Ireland , the visual expression that is generated by the experience represents an important dimension in understanding the nature and consequences of such movements.

The White Postgraduate Fellowship was recently established to promote excellence in research in Irish Art History, following a generous benefaction from Tony and Clare White to TRIARC.  The funding will support a total of four postgraduate students for up to three years each. TRIARC was established in 2003, under the aegis of the History of Art Department, in response to growing recognition of the significance of Irish art, and the increasing demand for specialist courses and for well-qualified graduates.

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