Google Buys Video Technology Company Green Parrot Pictures

Posted on: 18 March 2011

Green Parrot Pictures, a company specialising in motion based manipulation of film and video, was recently acquired by Google owned online video service, YouTube.  Founded in 2004 by Director of Research at Trinity College’s School of Engineering, Dr Anil Kokaram, Green Parrot Pictures developed a technology that improves the quality of video uploaded by users to YouTube by sharpening the image, reducing visual noise and rendering a higher quality, steadier video.

YouTube uploads 35 hours of video every minute.  As many of the videos are shot by amateurs using low quality mobile phones and video cameras the video quality is not always perfect.  The technology used by Green Parrot Pictures sharpens the quality of videos as they are being uploaded to the site while simultaneously improving playback speed and using less bandwidth.

Speaking about their recent acquisition, Dr Anil Kokaram said: “As the number of video creators worldwide and the richness of their video increases, demand for our technology has grown across multiple platforms.  We’re excited to join Google, where we will apply all of our expertise to improve the online video experience for hundreds of millions of users worldwide on many different products, platforms and services.”

Since its establishment in 2004 Green Parrot Pictures’ team of engineers have built cutting-edge video quality improvement technology that has been used in major studio productions from the Lord of the Rings to X-Men to Spider Man.   More information on the company can be found online.