Final days of 2022 Seanad bye-election

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Polls close on Wednesday 30th March at 11am. 

The 2022 Seanad bye-election is coming to an end. The race has featured 17 candidates campaigning on a wide variety of issues. 

Counting will begin after polls close on Wednesday morning. A first count is expected later in the day and a result is likely to be announced on Thursday afternoon. 

The count will take place in the Exam Hall in Trinity College Dublin and the result will be announced by the returning officer, Provost Linda Doyle. 

The election was called to replace Ivana Bacik as a Senator for the University of Dublin. It is the first bye-election since 1979. 

The candidates are vying to join current Trinity Senators Lynn Ruane and David Norris in the Oireachtas. 

With over 67,000 graduates eligible to vote, Monday 28th March is the last day to ensure your postal ballot arrives on time. 

Keep an eye on Trinity’s social media pages for regular updates from the count.   

The full list of candidates for the Seanad bye-election 2022 is as follows: 

Ali O’Shea, Abbas (Director, AFA Consulting) 

Barry, Eoin Fintan (Social worker/family therapist) 

Bassett, Ray (Dr/former ambassador) 

Chu, Hazel (Councillor) 

Clonan, Tom (Academic/journalist) 

Gaffney, Maureen (Psychologist/writer) 

MacNeill,?Hugo (Consultant/non-profit) 

McCarthy, Aubrey (Founder of Tiglin/entrepreneur) 

McDermott, Michael (PhD student) 

McKenna, Patricia (Barrister) 

Ó Giobiúin, Ryan Alberto (PhD researcher) 

Oluborode, Ade (Barrister) 

O’Neill, Sadhbh (Assistant professor at School of Law and Government, DCU) 

Quill, Ursula (Doctoral student) 

Roseingrave, Paula (Psychologist) 

Scanlon, Gisèle (President Trinity Graduate Students Union/writer/researcher) 

Stocker, Catherine (Public representative). 


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