Coin Toss for Annual Colours Boat Races

Posted on: 14 March 2013

President Michael D Higgins performed the coin toss to determine stations for this weekend’s Colours Boat Races on the Liffey.

The annual race which sees TCD’s boat clubs take on teams from University College Dublin takes place on Saturday March 16th.It forms part of the St Patrick’s Day Festival. Races will start at O’Connell Bridge and finish at St James’s Gate.

Dublin University Boat Club and Dublin University Ladies Boat Club won their respective coin tosses, and elected to start on the North Station in both instances.

Race times are as follows:
Sally Moorhead Trophy (Womens Novice VIIIs) – 12:45pm Dan Quinn Shield (Men’s Novice VIIIs) – 1:15pm

Corcoran Cup (Women’s Senior VIIIs) – 1:45pm Gannon Cup (Men’s Senior VIIIs) – 2:15pm

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