Cobble Stone Project Complete in Front Square

Posted on: 22 September 2014

Over the past number of months, a cobble stone relaying project has been underway. The first phase of this project in Front Square is now complete. The cobbled areas and squares in Trinity College Dublin are an intrinsic part of our historic campus. The limestone cobbles are river washed stones formed over thousands of years and are extremely durable. Unfortunately the bedding on which they rest and the pointing that holds them in place deteriorates over time. This has resulted in large gaps opening between the cobbles and even in the displacement of some of the stones.


The Estates and Facilities Department has a prioritised annual maintenance programme that allows for the preservation and conservation of our historic campus. The cobble relaying projects form part of these works.

Commenting on the work that was involved, Brendan Leahy, Buildings Officer explained: “The cobbles were lifted, cleaned and the old bedding and pointing was removed. New bedding was prepared and each cobble was individually re-laid by hand. When the cobbles were carefully laid and levelled, they were then pointed to hold them in place”.

“I would like to thank Jerry Harte, Maintenance Manager, West Area for overseeing this project. We realise that it caused some disruption to traffic in Front Square. However, it was an essential exercise to protect our heritage for the years to come. Now that these works are complete, the area is once again ready for the everyday traffic of students, staff and visitors as they traverse over the cobbles”.