Christina Noble, Nobel Prize Winner among distinguished recipients of Honorary Degrees

Posted on: 17 December 2004

Christina Noble was among six recipients to receive honorary degrees at Trinity College Dublin at its Winter Commencements on 17 December. Liberties native and OBE holder, Christina Noble was conferred with a Doctor in Laws (LL.D.) in recognition of her outstanding work with impoverished children in Mongolia and Vietnam through the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. The Foundation has given help and support to more than 200,000 homeless and destitute children in the past 15 years. The other recipients of honorary degrees were: Ms Evelyn Glennie Mus.D. (Doctor in Music) renowned solo percussionist. Although profoundly deaf from the age of 12, she has received over fifty awards, including a Grammy for her debut recording. Michael Viney Litt.D. (Doctor in Letters) accomplished author and Nature Columnist for The Irish Times. Two of his books, A Years Turning and Ireland, A Smithsonian Natural History, have been described as classics of their genre. Ahmed H Zewail Sc.D (Doctor in Science) was awarded the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering developments in the field of femtoscience, making it possible to observe the movement of the individual atoms in a femtosecond, a split second that is a millionth of a billionth of a second. Judith Chavasse LL.D. (Doctor in Laws) former Director of Nursing Services at UCD, she is a pioneer in her field, who has had an enormous impact on the development of nursing training in Ireland, establishing a range of nursing programmes and introducing an element of research into the nursing curriculum. Professor John Sutton LL.D (Doctor in Laws)is Sir John Hicks Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and a leading authority in industrial organisation. The distinctive characteristic of his work is the mapping of ‘inferences of complex game theoretic models into simply articulated predictions’, the latter tested using standard industrial data sets.