Caring for College’s Art Collections

Posted on: 01 November 2005

An advisory group has recently been formed to assist the College in caring for its collections of paintings, sculptures and other works of art. This group reports to the College Officers through the Secretary and its membership consists of Roger Stalley (History of Art), Chair, Terence Barry (History), Susan Bioletti (Head of Conservation, Library), Peter Cherry (History of Art), Michael Gleeson (College Secretary), Bernard Meehan (Keeper of Manuscripts), Yvonne Scott (Director, Irish Art Research Centre) and Marcella Senior.

Responsibility for caring for the College collections goes far beyond this group, however, and all members of staff are urged to help by ensuring that works are well looked after. In particular, members of staff are urged to report cases of damage, or potential damage, and to seek advice should works need to be moved, cleaned, repaired or conserved. In the first instance advice should be sought by contacting an individual member of the group listed above.