Annual Trinity Fund Student Awards Presented

Posted on: 15 May 2007

Two students were selected from 24 nominations to receive this year’s Trinity Annual Fund Student Awards. Simon Masterson from the School of Histories and Humanities, and Emma Clarke of the School of Medicine , were chosen from a short list of five finalists and recognised for their achievements at a ceremony held earlier this month.  The purpose of the Student Awards is to acknowledge those who have made an outstanding contribution to Trinity life in the past year through Sports Clubs, Societies or another aspect of College life.

“Trinity prides itself on the unique student experience it offers to students and this experience is greatly enriched by the activities undertaken by many students who see the benefit of getting involved with College beyond the academic realm,” stated the Provost at the award ceremony, “In addition to keeping pace with their studies, these students undertake a daunting level of extra curricular work which is of immense benefit to the Trinity community.  All five finalists have made an outstanding contribution to College life and this award commends them for their efforts in enhancing the Trinity experience for their fellow students.”

Simon Masterson received his award for dedicating himself to helping the underprivileged and encouraging the spirit of volunteering amongst Trinity students. Through his valuable contributions as Chair of Trinity/St. Andrews Voluntary Tuition Programme (VTP) and founder of the Trinity Volunteer Opportunities Forum (TVOF), he has helped Trinity students to experience the joy of contributing and helped to create a more inclusive and open environment in College.  Simon was also a member of the three person RAG Week committee, where his leadership skills helped convert RAG Week from a loss-making venture to the most successful Trinity RAG raising €10,000.

Emma has been instrumental in the development and set up of the National Deaf Needs Assessment project.Believing that the transition from second level to third level for deaf students was the most difficult, Emma set about organising the first ever summer school for deaf students entering third level education.  She has been the driving force behind these events over the last three years.  Emma is also the Chair of the TCD Sign Language society and has worked hard to increase the membership of deaf and hard of hearing students, raising awareness amongst the student body and increasing the usage of sign language.

The Trinity Annual Fund is supported by Trinity graduates who contribute financially to Trinity College for the purpose of supporting grassroots projects and initiatives that enhance the Trinity experience.

Emma clarke and simon masterson receive trinity student awards

Emma Clarke of the School of Medicine and S imon Masterson from the School of Histories and Humanities were awarded this year’s Annual Trinity Fund Student Awards