ADAPT’s online “Think-In” invites public to join conversation on personal health information

Posted on: 26 February 2021

With the introduction of so many personal technical devices which record everything from our heartbeat to our sleep patterns, the concept of health information is evolving. To explore this, ADAPT is inviting the public to consider: ‘What is my health information?’

Researchers from ADAPT, the SFI research centre for AI-Driven Content Technology, will host an online public conversation – a Citizens’ Think-In – to discuss Digital Health Information on Thursday 4th March from 2.30 – 4.00pm. Members of the public are invited to register for the event to contribute their thoughts on the subject.

ADAPT’s Citizens’ Think-Ins are public forums that bring people together to discuss some of the ethical issues we face in the digital age. Members of the public have an opportunity to interact with researchers at the cutting-edge of AI research and development.

Participants will be introduced to the emerging topic of digital health information at the event and asked to consider questions about what digital health information is currently captured and by whom. How should access to it be controlled? And should data collected on smart devices such as phone apps and wearable technologies be considered relevant?

Derick Mitchell, CEO of the Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science and Industry(IPPOSI), is the guest speaker for the Think-in. Derick will set the scene for discussions and will be speaking about an upcoming Citizen Jury on the topic of access to health information. See:

At the Think-In, members of the public will be invited to share their opinions in group discussions. Participants don’t need to have any expertise in the area – all necessary detail will be provided and the organisers are interested in hearing opinions from everyone.

The public opinions gathered during the Think-In will play an important role in shaping future ADAPT research into digital health information.

Speaking about the ADAPT Citizens’ Think-In, Professor Gaye Stephens, from Trinity’s School of Computer Science and Statistics, said:

“Through this mode of engagement where researchers and citizens are working together to shape this large scale and diverse research agenda we aim to make the research outcomes more responsive to public needs.”

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