A Hub of Interaction as Trinity’s Postgraduate Students Showcase to Industry

Posted on: 18 September 2015

Interaction and engagement was the order of the day at this year’s School of Computer Science and Statistics annual Showcase of MSc Dissertations. Organised in collaboration with the Careers Advisory Service and Trinity Research and Innovation, more than 50 postgraduate students demonstrated their research at the event in poster displays, demonstrations and installations in the O’Reilly Institute on September 3rd.

Students presented a diverse range of projects including estimating passenger flow and occupancy on board public transport buses, expressive information of movement with stylised motion cues, and capturing student voices to support assessment for learning.

Keynote speaker, Ken Perlin, Professor of Computer Science at New York University brought the audience into a world of future reality. He spoke about how people might in the future communicate with each other in everyday life, as computation and display technologies continue to develop, to the point where computer-mediated interfaces are so ubiquitous and intuitive as to be imperceptible. He also demonstrated many examples from his virtual reality research lab where children created virtual objects and creatures in the air, as though by magic – tomorrow's reality.

“I congratulate all students on their achievements and the School on its leadership in fostering a strong relationship with industry, public service and academia,” said Professor Aideen Long, Dean of Graduate Studies at Trinity College Dublin. “This showcase is the perfect platform to place Graduate education in the context of the workplace breaking down the boundaries between university and agency encouraging a seamless interaction.”

Industry attendance included: Murex, Workday, Fullbright Commission, PageFair, Bluebear, Meez, Ding, Surewash, Ericsson, Lighthouse BCS, Citi, Fieldaware, go2web Ltd, Intercom, Accenture, Escher Group, Amazon, Infosys Software, Irish Software Innovation Network, Salesforce, DIGIT Game Studios, HSE, Daft.ie, Synopsys, Synchronoss Technologies, First Derivatives, Intercom, Havok, Swrve, SIG, Artomatix, Intercom, Cisco, Corvic, Fungus Ltd, Brandcreate, SAP.