Trinity launches Civic Engagement Action Plan

Posted on: 20 November 2023

What is a civically-engaged university? Trinity now has a plan that sets out its goals.

Trinity's Civic Engagement for Societal Impact Action Plan was launched today at an event in Tangent.

The plan, developed over months of consultation with students, staff, faculty and alumni, details 24 priorities that will support and champion civic engagement across the university while building capacity and providing guidance for faculty, staff and students.

Welcoming the plan, Provost Dr Linda Doyle (pictured at the launch below with, from left, Brian Broderick, Community & Enterprise Engagement Manager Mary Colclough and Jo-Hanna Ivers) said it was brilliant to see the huge amount of civic engagement that was already happening across Trinity. 

"I'm delighted we are putting this on a more formal footing. We see this as an important mission for the university. It matters to our teaching, to our research ... it is very much part of our core values."

Four people pose in front of a bright screen

Prof. Jo-Hanna Ivers, Associate Dean, Civic Engagement and Societal Impact, said: "This is about taking us to a place where we can be more strategic in our approach. Together we are poised to make a lasting and meaningful impact."

Prof. Brian Broderick, Associate Dean of Research, talked about the growing emphasis on engaged research, particularly from a European perspective. "We expect to see more and more engaged research in the years to come .... It's very important for the democratisation of science. This is a new paradigm and we will have to manage ourselves as researchers a little differently in it."

The action plan - whose timeframe runs from January 2024 to December 2026 - sets out Trinity's aims to advance the societal impact from its efforts in civic engagment by promoting public discourse, nurturing partnerships, engaging with policymakers, advancing responsible behaviours and recognising participation as an essential component in addressing social inequalities and fostering social cohesion. 

Some actions will be completed by the end of 2026, others will begin by that date and some are likely to extend beyond the timeline.






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