20 Nominations for the University of Dublin Seanad Elections

Posted on: 03 March 2011

Nominations in the constituency of the University of Dublin for the forthcoming election to Seanad Éireann closed at 12 noon today (March 3, 2011).  Twenty (20) nominations were received and accepted by the Deputy Returning Officer.  The candidates standing for election within the Dublin University constituency are as follows:

  • BACIK, Ivana Catherine                                                                


  • BARRETT, Sean                                                                            

Senior Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin

  • COLEMAN, Marc                                                                  

Broadcaster, Journalist, Economist

  • CONNOLLY, Bart                                                                    

Housewife, Science Writer, Community Activist

  • COX, Maeve

TCD Graduate, Barrister-at-Law Degree Student

  • DONNELLY, Francis Vincent                                                            

Chief Financial Officer, Company Director

  • DUBSKY, Karin


  • DUDGEON, Jeffrey Edward Anthony                                              

Author, Human Rights Campaigner, Former Civil Servant

  • FROST, Dermot                                                                                   

IT Specialist

  • Guéret, Maurice                                                                           

Medical Doctor

  • HANAN, Robin                                                                               

Social Justice Advocate

  • MC DONAGH, Rosaleen                                                              

Traveller, Activist and Playwright

  • MC GOVERN, Iggy                                                                    

Physicist and Poet

  • MARTIN, David                                                                        

Secondary School Teacher

  • NORRIS, David Patrick                                                                   

Public Representative

  • O’MALLEY, Fiona                                                                        


  • PRIESTLEY, William                                                                        

Youth Work Co-ordinator

  • QUINN, Graham Thomas                                                             


  • SHEEHAN, Dermot Francis                                                         


  • WILLIAMS, Tony                                                                         


Ballot papers will be issued and posted to electors registered on the 2010 Electoral Register in the constituency on Monday, March 21, 2011.  The poll will close at 11 am on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 following which the counting of votes will be conducted.  The count will take place in the Public Theatre located in the Front Square of the University.