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The Department of Medical Gerontology, located in Trinity College Dublin, supports clinical and didactic teaching and research around successful ageing and preventative care of the older person. The department enjoys a strong and highly reputable clinical teaching and research agenda which takes place in St. James's Hospital (Medical Directorate for the Elderly) and The Adelaide and Meath Hospital (Age Related Healthcare). Robust links also exist with The Mercer's Institute for Research on Ageing (MIRA), a well established research unit with expertise in all aspects of health affecting the ageing and older person. Important relationships also exist with the Dublin Ageing Research Network (DARN) and the Centre of Excellence for Successful Ageing. Together we have established a wide breadth of research programmes around Brain Ageing, Stroke, The Ageing Eye, Falls, Blackout, Syncope and Osteoporosis.

Innovation and Collaboration

At the Department of Gerontology we are very proud of our culture of innovation and collaboration. We believe in strong partnerships that can deliver new ways of thinking to provide leadership for health strategies and will continue to expand our relationships with important players from all sectors of society to enhance this focus.

Through strategic alliances and partnerships with both public and commercial organisations we have already successfully delivered, and are committed to continue to deliver, on a number of key research and clinical objectives around:

  • age related illness
  • improved diagnosis for chronic physical and mental disorders
  • new technologies for independent living
  • increased knowledge and understanding of age related disorders such as troke, cognitive impairment and dementia, syncope, falls, bone health, frailty, technologies
  • new intervention treatment for these age related conditions

Our aim is to provide leadership in healthcare and we will continue to work to expand relations with strategic public and private partners.

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