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The Immunology Department was originally sited in Mercer's Hospital (now ceased function) providing a diagnostic service to the Federated Voluntary Hospitals and St. James's Hospital. In those early days, Tom Scott, Alex Whelan and Brian Dowling initiated the service. In the 1970s, the department moved to the School of Pathology building in Trinity College Dublin. The number of technical staff increased and Dr. John Greally was appointed medical director. At this juncture, the department became actively involved in research. In 1980, Immunology moved again, this time to the St. James's Hospital campus.

In 1982, Professor Conleth Feighery was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Immunology, Consultant Immunologist and Head of Discipline. He remained in this position until his retirement in 2011, when Dr. Niall Conlon was appointed consultant Immunologist, Dr. Jean Dunne became manager of the Diagnostic Laboratories and Dr. Derek Doherty became interim Head of Discipline.  Professor Feighery has since continued to play key roles in clinical management of patients, teaching and research.

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