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Undergraduate Overview

Image of two student massaging a patient.

The main focus of undergraduate teaching by staff in the discipline of Physiotherapy is the BSc in Physiotherapy. The BSc in Physiotherapy is a four year honours degree which is accredited by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

In the first year the emphasis is on laying a foundation of theoretical knowledge and students study anatomy, physiology, physics and chemistry. In the second year students study physiotherapy theory and practice and clinical sciences in physiotherapy, anatomy and are introduced to clinical practice prior to the first clinical placement at the end of the year.

In the third year students are introduced to the study of scientific investigation, psychology in addition to the clinical sciences in physiotherapy and outcome measures. Students undertake three clinical placements in the third year. A number of students undertake one of these placements overseas.In the final year students undertake two research assignments, study a specialised option, and advanced physiotherapy studies as well as undertaking two clinical placements. In the final year there is the option of an Erasmus exchange with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden or Bergen College, Norway for one semester.


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