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BSc. Radiation Therapy

BSc ImageThis honours degree gives the broad academic base on which to develop the clinical skills of radiation therapy.  Evaluation, analysis and decision-making are important skills for a Radiation Therapist and this course will equip you with these core foundations.  Research in radiotherapy is paramount as a practitioner and upon qualification; you will be competent at undertaking research in this field. 

There are both theoretical and clinical components to this degree, with clinical placement in all four years.  The contact hours are high in this course and teaching takes place through lectures, workshops, practical-based sessions and tutorials.  Integration between academic studies and clinical placement is supported by a continuing close liaison between academic and clinical radiation therapists. 

Theoretical Modules in the degree programme include:
Year 1: Principles and practice of cancer care, Biological principles and properties, Chemical principles and properties,  Physics for radiation therapy,  Psychology and Communication, Anatomy
Year 2: Principles and practice of cancer care, Physics for radiation therapy, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Psychology and communication, Radiographic Anatomy, Research methodology and statistics
Year 3: Principles and practice of cancer care,  Radiotherapy treatment simulation, Radiotherapy treatment planning, Physics for radiation therapy, Radiobiology, Research methodology and statistic, Treatment localisation and verification.
Year 4: Radiotherapy in practice. Research project. 

Clinical Education

Radiation Therapy is a professional degree that carries with it a license to practice and is  accredited by the Irish Institute of Radiotherapy and Radiation Therapy.  For this reason, the clinical component is integrated into all four years of the course.  In first year there is one month placement which is largely observation, familiarisation and orientation.  Second year placement and clinical skills laboratories ensure that the basic principles of technical radiotherapy practice are known and takes place over 2 months.  In the Sophister years, the theory of the academic programme underpins clinical practice.  Substantial placements in third and fourth year will provide students with the skills and competence necessary to practice. 
Placements take place both throughout the academic semesters and vacation periods.  Students are placed at all Radiation Therapy  Centres throughout Ireland.  These include:

VERT: Virtual Environment of a Radiotherapy Treatment Room

The discipline has an innovative state-of-art virtual simulated radiotherapy treatment facility consisting of a radiotherapy treatment room with 3D projection and observation glasses. This technology facilitates the teaching of clinical radiotherapy skills away from the daily pressures of hospital clinical departments through the use of 3D models, simulation and enhanced visualisation aids.

Please view this short video of VERT in use