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Dr. Sarah Sheridan
Assistant Professor, C.L.C.S.
Assistant Professor, Centre for Deaf Studies


Dr. Sarah Sheridan is Assistant Professor at the Centre for Deaf Studies. She is also a practising Irish Sign Language/English Interpreter. Her primary research is on second language learning and topics related to learning anxiety, motivation and wellbeing. She is also engaged in corpus research and is Co-PI on the Sign Language Acquisition Corpus, a cross-linguistic collaboration with Stockholm University. In addition, she has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies in TCD and has a keen interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning and intercultural studies.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sheridan, Sarah, Revisioning the deaf community: the journey to developing a mixed-modality multilingual identity , The Language Learning Journal, 2021 Journal Article, 2021 URL

Sheridan, Sarah, Revisioning the deaf community: the journey to developing a mixed-modality multilingual identity, International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA 2020),, Groningen, The Netherlands, August, 2022, 2020 Conference Paper, 2020

Sheridan, Sarah, Language, Identity and the Body: Feeling Different in an L2-M2 (Irish Sign Language), Psychology of the Language Learner (4), , Cape Breton, Canada, June, 2022, 2020 Conference Paper, 2020

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Sarah Sheridan , The New Signer: L2/M2 Sign Language Acquisition, 11th International Symposium on Bilingualism Conference , University of Limerick, Ireland, 11 - 15 June, 2017 Conference Paper, 2017

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Sarah Sheridan, Lorraine Leeson, What it takes to be a second language learner with a goal on becoming an interpreter, 5th Community Interpreting Conference, University of Limerick, 20th May, 2016 Conference Paper, 2016

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Sarah Sheridan, Translating Idiomatic Expressions from English to ISL: Theory and Practice, The Sign Language Translator and Interpreter, 3, (1), 2009, p69 - 83 Journal Article, 2009 TARA - Full Text

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sheridan, Sarah , The Psychology of Sign Language Learning , Language Teacher Psychology Conference 2021, Graz, Austria, 06-08 September, 2021, University of Graz, Austria Invited Talk, 2021

SUPERVISED Carmen María Ortiz Granero, International student adjustment in Irish universities: Language-related challenges and the role of EAP, Doctor in Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin , 2021 Thesis, 2021

Xin, Xin, Motivation and autonomous learning of an L2 in Network-based environments, Trinity College Dublin , 2020 Thesis, 2020

Nolan, Isabelle, Arabic, a language of Islam? How the nature of the debate on teaching Arabic in public French schools furthers the stigmatisation of the language and its speakers, Trinity College Dublin , 2020 Thesis, 2020

SUPERVISED Willoughby, Roy, ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING (ELT) IN IRELAND: IS IT A CAREER?, Trinity College Dublin , 2020 Thesis, 2020

Sheridan, Sarah, Interview with Sarah Sheridan on sign language acquisition , Irish Sign Language Awareness Week, Online, 22nd September, 2020, Irish Deaf Society Invited Talk, 2020

Liu, Jun, Using curriculum design theory to analyze the newly designed New Standard English textbook, 2020 Thesis, 2020

Gao, Runlin, Preschool English Education in China: Teaching Practice and Teacher's Qualification, Trinity College Dublin , 2020 Thesis, 2020

Liang, Jinwei, The Comparative Study of Content and Language Integrated Learning and Immersion Language Teaching From the Perspective of Second Language Acquisition, 2020 Thesis, 2020

Sheridan Sarah , Empathising with Learners of Irish Sign Language , Workshop for the Council of Irish Sign Language Teachers, Trinity College Dublin, 2019 Invited Talk, 2019

SUPERVISED: Akatsu, Tsuneki, Teacher's Psychology: How Negative and Positive Factors Affect Their Teaching, Trinity College Dublin , 2019 Thesis, 2019

SUPERVISED: Gibey, Clodagh, Deafblind Interpreting in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin , 2018 Thesis, 2018

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CO-SUPERVISED: Parkinson, Shelley, An Examination of When ISL/English Interpreters Choose to Employ Constructed Dialogue in Order to Reflect Empathy, Trinity College Dublin , 2017 Thesis, 2017

Co-SUPERVISED: O'Neill, Abbie, Do Irish Healthcare Staff Serve the Deaf Community based on the HSE Guidelines for Provision of Sign Language Interpreters, Trinity College Dublin , 2017 Thesis, 2017

CO-SUPERVISED: Privett, Kate, Provision of Irish Sign Language Interpreters during National Weather Emergency Broadcasts : A Case Study, Trinity College Dublin , 2017 Thesis, 2017

CO--SUPERVISED: O'Donnell, Joanne, An Exploration into how Interpreters Cope when Interpreting Metaphorical Language within a Political Inaugural Speech from English into Irish Sign Language, Trinity College Dublin, 2017 Thesis, 2017

CO-SUPERVISED: Kelly, Vanessa, Continuous Professional Development for Sign Language Interpreters in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin , 2017 Thesis, 2017

CO-SUPERVISING: Ploss, Jessica, Bimodal Language Learning: Reflections on the effects of learning more than one sign language, Trinity College Dublin, 2016 Thesis, 2016

SUPERVISED: Caroline McGrotty, Quality of Irish Sign Language Interpretation in Higher Education in Ireland., Trinity College Dublin , 2016 Thesis, 2016

Sarah Sheridan, Amanda Mohan , ISL/English Interpreting in Ireland, SIGNALL 3 Seminar: Lecturer & Student Presentations , KU Leuven, Antwerp, Belgium, 1st March, 2012 Invited Talk, 2012

Research Expertise


  • Title
  • Summary
    • (Social cohesion and INCLUsion: DEveloping the EDucational possibilities of the European Multilingual Heritage through Applied Linguistics) is a multilingual project whose main objective is the integration of immigrant and refugee groups in Europe through one of Europe's main assets: its languages. It involves the participation of leading universities in Applied Linguistics, especially language teaching and with previous joint experience in creating materials for the use of these socially disadvantaged groups. This project has the inclusion of disadvantaged groups as a central aim of its actions. With this, it responds directly to the priority "Social inclusion", and does so with an innovative approach in two ways: on the one hand, it addresses the sociolinguistic and cultural integration of groups of immigrants and refugees who already have basic linguistic skills in the host language. It is therefore a further step in their process of adaptation to the new environment, acquiring very important skills in the development of their professional and personal activities.
  • Funding Agency
    • Erasmus + K2
  • Date From
    • 2021
  • Date To
    • 2024
  • Title
    • Sign Language Acquisition Corpus
  • Summary
    • The Second Language Acquisition Corpus project was developed by the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin and the Sign Language Department, Stockholm University, Sweden. It represents the world's first multi-modal data set of adult learners of a signed language (Irish/Swedish Sign Language) as a second or subsequent language in a second modality (sign languages are visual-spatial languages). The digital data set will be annotated in ELAN for a number of key points of interest, including: multi-modal code-mixing components, the use of fingerspelled items, the phonological in/accuracy of articulation of lexical signs and the use of signing space. This 'first pass' will inform our consideration of higher order questions around language acquisition in a new modality, and allow for the documentation of longitudinal development on issues surrounding the development of L2 proficiency in a signed language. This is a key step in bridging the significant gap in knowledge about sign language acquisition pathways.
  • Date From
    • September 2013
  • Date To
    • Present
  • Title
    • Dublin Language Garden
  • Summary
    • The Dublin Language Garden is a student and postdoc-led event highlighting the contribution of Linguistics and Communications Sciences to Irish society. The entire event is put together by early stage career (ESC) researchers (MPhil, PhD and Postdoc level) and showcases their research in a manner that is both imaginative and informative. The activities reflect the research being undertaken by ECR researchers, and the talks feature both senior lecturers and ESC researchers alongside one-another.
  • Date From
    • 2017


Deaf Studies; Intercultural Studies; Irish Sign Language; Second language acquisition; sign language interpreting; signed language teaching and learning; SOCIOLINGUISTICS; Teaching and learning



Member of the Deaf Education Partnership Group 2019 - to date

Board Member - Sign Language Interpreting Service 2013 - 2016

Committee Member of the Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters 2011-2013

Awards and Honours

Teaching Hero Award - National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in collaboration with the Union of Students in Ireland 2021

Citizens Information Board Research Grant 2021

Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Trinity College Dublin) 2021

Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Trinity College Dublin) 2020

Visiting Professorships and Fellowships Benefaction Fund (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Trinity College Dublin) 2020

Special Commendation, Thesis in Three, EUROMEC SUMMER SCHOOL, Trinity College Dublin 2017

Selected by Léargas to attend an expert workshop on Promoting Excellence in Language (Graz, Austria) and to compile a follow-up report. Funded by the European Centre for Modern Languages 2017

Funding for Dublin Language Garden Event (School
 Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences
, Trinity Long Room Hub, Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences) 2017


Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters 2011 – Present

European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters 2012 – Present

Irish Association of Applied Linguistics 2015 – Present

International Association for the Psychology of Language Learning 2018 – Present

European Second Language Association 2019 – Present