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Sarah Sheridan - Assistant Professor in Deaf Studies

Sarah Sheridan

Assistant Professor in Deaf Studies

I am an applied linguist, with an interest in; second language learning, curriculum development, sign language interpreting, teacher wellbeing, and topics related to the psychology of the language learner.

What I teach

  • Modality and Second Language Learning (1st year undergrad)
  • Translation and Interpreting: Philosophy and Practice (2nd year undergrad)
  • Introduction to Interpreting (3rd year undergrad)
  • Simultaneous Interpreting (4th year undergrad)
  • I also teach postgraduate modules such as Multilingualism and Research Methodology on the taught MPhil programs offered by our School.

What I research

  • Psychology of the Language Learner: Areas related to learning anxiety, motivation and learner strategies.
  • Positive Psychology in the Classroom: Teacher and learner wellbeing and general workplace wellness issues.
  • Corpus Linguistics: Co-PI on the Sign Language Acquisition Corpus, a cross-linguistic collaboration with Stockholm University.
  • Sign Language Interpreting: Curriculum development and assessment techniques.

Recent Publications

  • Irish Sign Language Interpreting in Higher Education in Ireland: The Experience of Deaf Students.
    • The data results indicate that Deaf students prioritise the need for quality interpreting over ‘access’ and place a high value on the relationship of trust they establish with their interpreter(s).
  • Use of Corpora in L2/Ln Sign Language Pedagogy
    • The focus of this chapter is primarily concerned with the leveraging of existing sign language corpora in sign language teaching and learning.
  • Hands in Motion: Learning to Fingerspell in Irish Sign Language (ISL).
    • Teanga Journal. Irish Association of Applied Linguistics. Special Volume on Irish Sign Language.
  • Sign Language Interpreting
    • Encyclopedia entry exploring current trends in sign language interpreting research, as well as future directions.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Psychology of the Sign Language Learner
    • A book manuscript focused on language learner identity, the performance of sign language, anxiety & motivation.