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Martine Smith - Professor in Clinical Speech & Language

Martine Smith

Professor in Clinical Speech & Language

I am a speech and language therapist with research and clinical interests related to augmentative and alternative communication, literacy, and developmental speech and language impairments.

I’m particularly interested in how language develops and how communication works, if someone has a significant communication difficulty.

What I teach

  • Developmental speech sound disorders: assessment and intervention.
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Assessing children with developmental language impairments

What I research

  • Becoming an Aided Communicator: how do children and their communication partners become competent at managing conversations using communication devices? How do they solve communication problems using non-speech modalities
  • Language, interaction and aided communication: How do adults who use AAC navigate conversations and integrate non-speech modalities into their daily lives?
  • Life Stories: How do people with severe communication impairments construct and express their life stories?
  • Language, literacy and social disadvantage: The role of the SLT in mitigating some of the risk of social disadvantage for children’s language and literacy outcomes

Recent Publications