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Irene P. Walsh - Associate Professor Speech & Language Pathology

Irene P. Walsh

Associate Professor in Speech & Language Pathology

I am an Associate Professor and Speech & Language therapist in the Clinical Speech & Language Studies. My research interests are centered around three pillars: discourse, disability and (perceived) ‘disorder’, particularly as related to language and communication issues in clinical and non-clinical contexts.

What I teach

  • Introduction to Language Acquisition ( Year 1 Undergraduate)
  • Nature & Assessment of Language and Communication Disorders (Year 2 Undergraduate)
  • Intervention for Disorders of Language & Communication (Year 3 Undergraduate)
  • Dynamics of Discourse (Year 3 Undergraduate)
  • Reflective Studies (Year 4 Undergraduate)
  • Research Methods (Discourse Analysis; Postgraduate)

What I research

  • Analysis of talk-in-interaction in institutional contexts (e.g. clinical contexts such as Speech & Language Therapy, Dental Practice and and non-clinical, TV Chat shows, etc.)​
  • Children’s development of conversational discourse skills 
  • Illness narratives and the ‘living experience’ of a diagnosis (e.g. first-person/other accounts of communication in mental health disorders)​
  • Professional identity and social interaction in allied healthcare education
  • Healthcare Humanities: How can the Arts & Humanities inform understanding of healthcare and health experiences.

Recent Publications

Jagoe, C. & Walsh, I.P. (eds).(2020).
Communication and Mental Health
Disorders: Developing Theory,
Growing Practice. Surrey UK: J&R.

Chapters from this book include:

  • Walsh, I.P. (2020) Medical Humanities and constructions of ‘self’: Invoking literary autobiography to educate healthcare students in communication and mental health disorder
  • Walsh, I.P., Jagoe, C. & Brophy, J. (2020). Language and communication in adults with mental health disorders: Considerations for understanding speech and language therapy process and practice.
  • Jagoe, C., Delmar, P., Sheehy, A. & Walsh, I.P. (2020). Reflecting on hope: Communication and mental health.
  • Other

  • Walsh, I.P., Delmar, P. Jagoe, C. (2018) , “It’s Not the Asperger’s That Causes the Anxiety, It’s the Communication” Person-Centered Outcomes of Hope and Recovery in a
  • Cultural–Clinical Borderland, Topics in Language Disorder, 38, (2), 2018, p108 – 125.
  • Walsh, I.P. & Jagoe, C. (in press). Psychiatric disorders, in, editor Louise Cummings, Pragmatic Language Disorders, UK: Springer.
  • Walsh, I.P. & Jagoe, C. (in prep). Social interaction and Professional Identity in Allied Healthcare Education, Edinburgh: EUP