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Ciarán Kenny - Assistant Professor in Speech-Language Pathology

Ciarán Kenny

Assistant Professor in Speech-Language Pathology

I am a Speech and Language Therapist specialising in voice and swallowing disorders. I am interested in therapeutic effectiveness for voice problems, working with transgender clients to modify their communication styles, and in swallowing problems in those with cancer.

What I teach

I teach undergraduate and postgraduate students: 

  • Typical voice throughout the lifespan
  • Nature and assessment of voice disorders 
  • Therapeutic management of voice disorders 
  • Statistics
  • Advanced clinical skills
  • Reflective practice
  • Dissertation writing

What I research

  • Voice therapy: What are the most effective therapy techniques for helping recovery from voice problems?
  • Transgender communication: How can we help trans people communicate in a way that more accurately reflects their true identity?
  • Swallowing in cancer: What causes swallowing difficulties in people who have tumours that do not affect anatomic swallow regions?

Recent Publications

Forthcoming Publications

  • Characteristics and impact of swallowing problems in those with tumours outside of swallow regions.
  • Gender imbalance in the speech and language therapy profession.
  • What helps trans people engage with therapy?