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What our students say about the programme

Student quotes* ...

"It is amazing the amount of new things I have learnt during this course, which I am currently using to write my thesis"

"I think this course is very valuable experience for international students and I'm very glad that I took part in it"

"Very good, great experience, lots of learning."

"The course was very interesting. It was very helpful because it focused not only on speaking or on writing, but on both, and it helped me to have a better vocabulary."

"It was very helpful to practise my speaking, especially in public because when I had to do presentations in class I noticed that I was doing it well. Another relevant aspect was in writing. It helped me a lot in my essays and other work."

"Very enjoyable, well structured class. Thank you very much!"

"The course was GREAT!!"

"Organised, good study materials, helpful and friendly environment, focus on practising rather than just listening"


*All student quotes are taken from anonymous course evaluations.

About Trinity College

Trinity College is recognised internationally as Ireland’s premier university. It was founded in 1592, and is one of the great universities of the world, situated on a beautiful historical campus in the centre of Dublin. There are some 17,000 students registered in our three Faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences.


Language study at Trinity College

Trinity College is a world-leader in university language learning, and has earned many plaudits for the innovative language learning tools and courses designed and delivered by its Centre for Language and Communication Studies. Trinity College is a multilingual university, and offers many opportunities for you to improve your language skills. English for Academic Purposes courses run regularly at the Centre for Language and Communication Studies (part of the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences) for students registered at TCD and for other students from who wish to improve their English before they start a course at another university.

English language teaching and learning is an important part of the School’s academic activities, not just through teaching English for Academic Purposes, but also by training and upskilling English language teachers, testers and course designers in our postgraduate courses (for instance, M.Phil. in English Language Teaching), and by conducting cutting-edge research on many aspects of English language, such as the varieties and status of English, its sound system and its morpho-syntax.