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Demonstration of the Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR) Exercise

In this video, the Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR) Exercise will be demonstrated. Recent evidence suggests the CTAR exercise strengthens the suprahyoid muscles and hence improves hyolaryngeal excursion. For more videos, refer to our Resources in the CPD section of this website.

Oral Health Assessment Tool

Heard of the Oral Health Assessment Tool (OHAT)? It received a lot of attention at the Dysphagia Research Society 2017 in Portland. It is suggested that SLTs should be trained to identify oral health conditions during the clinical swallow evaluation. The tool was validated by Chalmer et al (2004). See Chalmers, J.M., King, P.L., Spencer, A.J., Wright, F.A.C. & Carter, K.D. (2005). The Oral Health Assessment Tool–Validity and Reliability. Australian Dental Journal, 50 (3), 191-199. 


High Resolution Manometry: A Primer

This is an excellent presentation which was given by Ms. Trish Lawlor, Chief GI Physiologist, on high resolution manometry at our Swallowing and Voice Conference held in TCD in November 2016. Thanks to Trish for sharing the presentation on this website.


Anatomical landmarks observed during videofluoroscopy are reviewed in this short video:


Anatomical landmarks observed during FEES are reviewed in this short video:


A brief demonstration of how to use the IOPI to measure tongue strength can be found here:


In this video, we can see how the blue dye test is used in a client with a tracheostomy tube: