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The podcast dysphagia matters is for everyone interested in swallowing and swallowing disorders, such as students, clinicians, and researchers. With their international guests, Julia and Jule discuss current evidence and highlight different perspectives on dysphagia, for example by patients or their caregivers. They also address topics such as current trends in dysphagia research or doing a PhD in the field of dysphagia.

The hosts of dysphagia matters, Julia Hirschwald and Jule Hofacker, both completed their M.Sc. in dysphagia at Trinity College Dublin. Julia is now proceeding at TCD with a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Margaret Walshe whereas Jule is currently working clinically in an out-patient dysphagia rehabilitation center.

You can listen to dysphagia matters wherever you listen to podcasts or on their website You can also follow them on Instagram or on Twitter to stay informed about upcoming episodes.