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This scheme provides people with aphasia the opportunity to engage in conversation. At the same time it creates important learning opportunities for first year speech & language therapy (SLT) students in Trinity College Dublin (TCD).
SLT students visit people with aphasia (PWA) in their homes for one hour a week (THURSDAYS) between November and April, during the college year.
The person with aphasia MUST be referred by a speech and language therapist
Students will not be providing therapy, but will be providing opportunity for conversation.

People with aphasia have the chance to engage in supported conversation while meeting new people. These supported conversations reduce social isolation and increase confidence.
Students learn important skills in having conversations with someone with a communication difficulty and learn from people with aphasia what it is like to live with aphasia.
Students are supervised through fortnightly tutorials with TCD practice tutors.


Anyone with aphasia who would benefit from supported conversation and wants to participate can be referred. They must live in the Dublin area or surrounds, accessible by public transport.
The person with aphasia can be involved in an ongoing therapy program and still benefit from the Connect scheme, but active therapy is not a requirement for referral.
The person with aphasia can be living at home or in a residential setting.
If you would like to re-refer a client into the program, please complete a new referral form, for documentation of continuing consent and up-to-date client information. This also applies to those clients who were placed on the waiting list. 


Any speech and language therapist can refer to the scheme. We need a referral from the SLT because they conduct the initial visit with the students.


1. Refer with client consent
2. Conduct a home visit to introduce students to the PWA and complete a risk assessment (supplied)
3. Mid-program follow up contact with PWA to get feedback regarding satisfaction and progress of program
4. Evaluation at end of programme (supplied)


Please complete the enclosed referral form and return by post to:
Connect Scheme, Department of Clinical Speech & Language
Studies, 7 – 9 South Leinster Street, Trinity College, Dublin 2
You will be contacted once your referral has been matched to students in order to arrange a home visit.



Caroline Jagoe:
September – December 2018 please contact Niamh O’ Loughlin:

TCD CP Scheme Infomation Leaflet

TCD CP Scheme Consent Form

Connect Referral Form

Risk Assessment Form

Completing the Risk Assessment