Trinity launches postgraduate programme in Innovation & Enterprise Development

Trinity College Dublin has launched a regional postgraduate certificate aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs, and/or those who wish to bring innovative solutions to their organisations. It will be offered through four new regional centres in Waterford, Tipperary, Cavan and Longford.

The new level 9 postgraduate course in innovation and enterprise development is being offered by Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace in partnership with Springboard+. Tangent  is an exciting new initiative at Trinity, supported by Bank of Ireland, that provides cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship education; start-up company acceleration programmes, innovation and entrepreneurship community events, and supports for fledgling to mature entrepreneurs across Ireland and beyond. The new workspace is co-located in the new Trinity Business School, which opened in May this year.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Report less than 50% of people in Ireland believe they have the skills and knowledge to start a business. Tangent, in partnership with Springboard+, will be offering the new Level 9 (NFQ) Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise Development, in locations in Waterford, Tipperary, Cavan and Longford from September 09th, 2020.

The course is open to jobseekers and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as those wishing to pursue further study. The course aims to facilitate personal and professional growth and enable the translation of knowledge and ideas into innovative products, services and policies of the future.

For more information about these information sessions, and to book your place, please visit:

Chief Executive Officer at Tangent, Ken Finnegan, said:

In Ireland, two-thirds of all new employment is being generated by new enterprises less than five years old. Innovative thinking is going to be paramount for all enterprises to effectively compete in an ever-changing landscape.

Head of Education at Tangent, Dan Rogers, added:

We are offering prospective participants the opportunity to gain a level 9 qualification within their region from Ireland’s No.1 University, Trinity College Dublin.  Participants will learn to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their approach to problem solving and acquire a range of problem solving and lateral thinking skills, which will assist in new enterprise creation, along with providing better and more productive employees for enterprises across our country.

The programme takes place over 20 weeks, is practically focused, and encompasses three modules. The first module explores Innovation and Creativity (in class). The second, Opportunity Generation, Articulation and Recognition (online), looks at the traits of the entrepreneur, and the third, Enterprise Development (online), outlines the nuts and bolts of setting up a business.  It offers participants flexibility with 70% delivery online and 30% delivery in class.

Although candidates typically require a level 8 degree to be eligible, Trinity aims to recognise other forms of prior learning and experience. It is hoped that this course will act as a launch pad for those wishing to start, re-start or pivot their careers. This course is free for homemakers or those in receipt of jobseekers benefit. A fee of €300 applies to those in employment. A total of 80 places will be offered on the programme.

Visit to apply in your region for further details.

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