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How to understand your bill and get a receipt

How to read a sample bill
Bills will be issued from July onwards for the coming academic year (September entrants only).

  • Your annual bill is broken down into 3 parts: the total overall debt, your personal debt and debt which a third-party sponsor is expected to pay on your behalf.
  • Your bill can change if sponsorship is raised/cancelled on your account.
  • Your bill will no longer be viewable/will be obsolete once you have completed registration.

After the 1st October you will have the option to view your charges, make payments and print receipts on your ‘financial statement’ under the ‘my finances’ section of your portal.

How to access a receipt
The student must login to their portal account and access their Financial Statement.

  • Select View all Transaction
  • View Section B: What you (the student) owes
  • Select View Details on the last column of table matching your payment date and transaction amount
  • This will open a new page with your payment receipt. This can be printed out or saved as a PDF

How to understand my financial statement

Credits or payments made to your account will show as negative values, for e.g. -€1,628. Charges or fees will show as positive values for e.g. €3000.

Your fees will show as ‘pending transactions’ on your financial statement until 1st October. After 1st October these will move to the ‘list of all transactions’ section and your payments will be allocated against your fees. Your outstanding debt or credit will show in the ‘total’ line.

Your financial statement will change as new charges (e.g. accommodation) and payments are posted to your ledger. 

Receipts can be printed off from the Financial Statement by clicking ‘View details’ as per below screenshot

Before October 1st:

After October 1st: