Trinity College Dublin’s School of Engineering takes immense pride in its commitment to providing exceptional education and fostering a culture of excellence. It is with great pleasure that we announce Dr. Breiffni Fitzgerald, Ussher Assistant Professor in the Civil Structural & Environmental Engineering Discipline, as the recipient of the prestigious Trinity Excellence in Teaching Award 2023. This esteemed recognition celebrates Dr. Fitzgerald’s outstanding contributions to teaching and learning, his dedication to student success, and his unwavering commitment to excellence within the field of engineering education.

Throughout his tenure at Trinity College Dublin’s School of Engineering, Dr. Fitzgerald has consistently demonstrated a deep passion for education and a genuine commitment to his students’ success. With his exceptional teaching abilities and innovative pedagogical approaches, he has inspired and motivated countless students to excel in their academic pursuits.

Professor Brian Caulfield, Head of Discipline for Civil Structural & Environmental Engineering commented:

“On behalf of our department I would like to congratulate Breiffni on this fantastic achievement. His teaching is at the cutting edge in the design of renewable energy systems. Through his teaching and research he is equipping our graduates with the skillset to develop and deploy low carbon energy solutions to meet our national climate action obligations.”

Dr. Fitzgerald’s receipt of the Trinity Excellence in Teaching Award 2023 is a testament to his exceptional dedication to teaching, innovation, and student success. Through his passion for engineering education, his engaging teaching methods, and his commitment to mentorship, he has made a lasting impact on the lives of students at Trinity’s School of Engineering.

As we congratulate Dr. Fitzgerald on this well-deserved recognition, we also extend our gratitude to all the faculty members at Trinity’s School of Engineering who continuously strive for excellence in teaching, inspiring students, and shaping the future of engineering. Their dedication and expertise are vital in preparing the next generation of engineering leaders who will make a positive impact on society.

At Trinity’s School of Engineering, we remain committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that empowers students and prepares them for successful careers in engineering. Dr. Fitzgerald's recognition exemplifies the School's unwavering commitment to excellence in teaching, and we are proud to have him as a member of our esteemed faculty.