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Current Research Students

Name Topic Supervisor(s) Funding

Badzmierowska, Karolina

Digital Approaches to the History of Art and Architecture Online

Peter Cherry/Hugh Denard

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2013-16)

Baker, Nina

The Impact of Commentary on Text and Image in Early Thirteenth Century Bibles Produced in France

Laura Cleaver


Campbell, Susan

A Cross-Disciplinary Investigation into the ‘Aesthetic of Disorder’ in Contemporary Western Art

Yvonne Scott

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2014-17)

Carey, Christine

The Art of Constructing La Città Santa: The Patronage of Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1585)

Peter Cherry


Dolan, Ana

The Irish High Crosses in post-medieval Ireland’

Rachel Moss


Donnelly, Paul

Irish Stained Glass in the United States: How the Work of Harry Clarke Studies Achieved Success in the American West

Yvonne Scott


Durkan, Aisling

Eighteenth-Century Drogheda: Building a Provincial Town

Christine Casey


Gillis, John

The Faddan More Psalter

Laura Cleaver


McCloskey, Laura

Cross-Cultural Connections Between Insular Manuscript Illumination and the Mediterranean World

Laura Cleaver

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2015-19)

Mortensen, Kerstina

Into the Void: Translating Text and Image in Nordic Art 1890-1910

Yvonne Scott

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2015-19)

Murphy, Alexandra

Doing it for themselves: Artist-Run Gallery Spaces in Contemporary Ireland

Yvonne Scott

IRC Postgraduate Studentship (2011-14)

O'Brien, Margaret

Repetition as Critical Practice in Contemporary Art

Yvonne Scott

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2012-15)

Pittion, Una

Representations of Music in French Art from the Second Empire to the First World War

Philip Mc Evansoneya


Prendergast, Geoffrey

Alfred William Hunt as an Exponent of the Ruskinian Landscape

Philip Mc Evansoneya

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2014-18)

Sánchez-Migalon Cano, Fernando

The Power of Display: Exhibition Cultures and Exhibited Cultures in Ireland 1973-2011

Yvonne Scott


Sedovic, Katherine

Mythical King or Laical Christ Figure? The Marrying of the Sacred and the Secular in Fourteenth Century French Arthurian Illuminations

Laura Cleaver

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2014-16)

Shorthall, Willaim

The Early Irish Free State Government and the Visual Arts

Angela Griffith


Last updated 25 August 2017