Samantha Fazekas joins us as Teaching Fellow.

Samantha completed her PhD in philosophy at Trinity College Dublin in 2023. Her PhD thesis justified Hannah Arendt’s appropriation of Immanuel Kant’s aesthetic reflective judgment as a model for shaping political judgments.

She has taught at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany; Dublin City University; and Trinity College Dublin. Her research areas are in political and moral philosophy, Kantian and post-Kantian philosophy. Samantha also enjoys teaching environmental ethics and ancient philosophy.

Emma Otterski also joins us as Teaching Fellow.

Emma recently completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Her thesis looked at theories of our psychological ability to attribute mental states to others, arguing that there are phenomena (e.g., the effects of social dynamics on this ability; the way that social norms scaffold social understanding) that traditional theories are unable to account for.

She is interested in how we should integrate results and arguments from different disciplines, and the problems that sometimes arise when this is done uncritically. At the moment she is thinking about the role sense modalities other than vision play in social cognition, particularly in non-human animals. She also has interests in feminist and social philosophy. 

Caleb Althorpe joins us as an IRC Postdoc.

Before coming to the Department of Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, Caleb completed a PhD in Political Science at Western University. 

Caleb conducts research in contemporary political theory and political philosophy. In particular, economic justice and the political theory of work, theories of justice more broadly, and political liberalism. At Trinity he will be undertaking an IRC-funded project on meaningful work and justice.