Dr. Clare Moriarty

Dr. Clare Moriarty

Research Fellow, Philosophy


I am an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Philosophy, currently based in The Trinity Long Room Hub. My current project is focused on mathematics and philosophy in the 18th century. Recent publications concentrate on the work of George Berkeley, Isaac Newton, Colin Maclaurin and Oliver Byrne. I am particularly interested in the application of mathematical methods to non-mathematical domains and reactions to/against such applications. My research is strongly interdisciplinary and in addition to writing about mathematics and philosophy, I am interested in the use of visual arts and speculative fiction to pursue philosophical and mathematical ends. I strongly believe in public-facing research and try to produce popular writings on my research topics whenever possible, for example in History Ireland, The Irish Times and for research archive blogs. For five years I held a Fellowship in Public Philosophy at The Forum for Philosophy. Links to our philosophical podcasts are available here: https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/theforum/ I became a mother in 2020 and have recently been applying philosophical analysis in popular and academic writings on the ethics of the rhetoric around baby feeding.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

  • Clare Marie Moriarty, "Tint and Form": The Geometric Philosophy Underlying Oliver Byrne's Elements, Leonardo, 2022Journal Article, 2022, TARA - Full Text
  • Clare Marie Moriarty, Duelling catechisms: Berkeley trolls Walton on fluxions and faith, Intellectual History Review, 2021Journal Article, 2021, DOI , URL
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  • Moriarty, Clare Marie; Walters, Lisa, Berkeley's Gland Tour into Speculative Fiction Part 2: Margaret Cavendish and Berkeley's Attitudes Towards Women, Philosophy Compass, 2023Journal Article, 2023, DOI , TARA - Full Text
  • Moriarty, Clare Marie; Davies, Ben, Feeding Infants: Choice-Specific Considerations, Parental Obligation, and Pragmatic Satisficing, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 2023, p1 - 17Journal Article, 2023, DOI
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  • Clare Marie Moriarty, 'Bottle Feeding Babies', Radio Kerry, Radio Kerry, 2021, -Broadcast, URL
  • Clare Marie Moriarty, 'What message are we sending bottle-feeding families when we place formula in the same retail category as cigarettes?', Image Magazine, Image Magazine, 2021, -Fiction and creative prose, URL , TARA - Full Text
  • Clare Moriarty, A New Study Suggests Breastfeeding Produces Smarter Kids Except That's Not Actually What It Says, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 2023, 1 - 17Miscellaneous

Research Expertise

Areas of Expertise: History and Philosophy of Mathematics; George Berkeley; Early Modern Philosophy. New Interests: Oliver Byrne (19th century mathematician and polymath); ethics of infant-feeding; science fiction as a vehicle for philosophy in early modern writing; Colin Maclaurin.