Dr. Caleb Althorpe

Dr. Caleb Althorpe

Research Fellow, Philosophy



I joined the Department of Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin as an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow in 2023. Before moving to Ireland I received a PhD and MA in Political Science (Political Theory specialisation) from Western University in Canada. My IRC project is on the importance of meaningful work to theories of social justice.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

  • Althorpe, Caleb, What Is Meaningful Work?, Social Theory and Practice, 49, (4), 2023, p579 - 604Journal Article, 2023, DOI
  • Althorpe, Caleb, Meaningful Work, Nonperfectionism, and Reciprocity, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 2022Journal Article, 2022, DOI
  • Althorpe, Caleb and Martin Horak, The End of the Right to the City: A Radical Cooperative View, Urban Affairs Review, 59, (1), 2023, p14 - 42Journal Article, 2023, DOI
  • Althorpe, Caleb and Elizabeth Finneron-Burns, Are Saviour Siblings a Special Case in Procreative Ethics?, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, 2023Journal Article, 2023

Research Expertise

My research is in contemporary political philosophy and political theory. I am particularly interested in questions that fall on the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics, especially questions surrounding meaningful work and economic justice, which is the focus of my current (2023-2025) IRC-funded project titled: "Justice and Meaningful Work." I am also interested in theories of justice more broadly, political liberalism, and applied ethics.

  • Title
    Justice and Meaningful Work
    This project uses research tools from philosophy to develop an account of what social justice requires when it comes to the provision of meaningful work in society. It does this by investigating the so far underappreciated political aspect of meaningful work's ethical importance, and how it connects to the conditions of persons' self-respect and their civic status as valued participating members of society. This project first provides new philosophical answers on what it is about work that can make it meaningful, and how meaningful work's ethical importance can best be integrated into a theory of social justice. It then offers answers on the legitimacy and feasibility of various social and economic policies that might be implemented by the state and other stakeholders to promote meaningful work in society.
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Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, Political Science, Social Justice,


  • Faculty of Social Science Doctoral Completion Scholarship 2022-2023
  • IRC Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023-2025
  • F. M. Barnard Scholarship in Political Philosophy 2017-2023