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In Healthy Trinity we pride ourselves on having strong, evidence-informed opinions and we aim to use our voice to contribute to debate about health. Do you have something you'd like to say? Can you back your opinion with robust evidence? If so, get in touch on Below are some examples of student and staff led campaigns that aim to speed up change in Dublin to make it more supportive of smarter travel. You can see more on our Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Urban Green Spaces, they’re good for your health and the environment!A group of people sitting on the grass in front of a building  Description automatically generated with medium confidence

By Fiona Goode, 2nd year medical students as part of the #TCDMedStudentInitiative on Healthy Trinity Instagram

The effect of social interaction on your health

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have all had to get used to interacting with each other less than we would normally, but what impact has this had on our health? Lack of social interaction not only influences our mental health, such as increasing the risk of depression, anxiety, and stress, but can also affect our physical health. It has been shown that people who do not socialise regularly can be affected by decreased blood flow to vital organs and decreased immune function. This can be linked to chronic heart disease, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes.

Urban Green Spaces and their influence on socialising and health.

Read more here.

#ChoiceInTransport - Green Week 2021

1. Infrastructure to Support #ChoiceInTransport

#ChoiceInTransport is a campaign we ran on Twitter to call for infrastructure to support walking, cycling, public transport, unicycling, e-scootering or any alternative. Many people are forced into car ownership. We want #ChoiceInTransport

#GreenWeek #SustainableTrinity

See the full campaign here....

#CyclingForAll - General Election 2020

Trinity would like to see more space allocated on Dublin roads for cycling, in particular between our campuses and residences.

In spring 2020, Trinity's #CyclingForAll campaign focused on the topics below and used the following hashtags:

#cyclingforall #trinitycyclinglink #roadsarepublicspaces #cyclingisclimateaction #ge2020 #cycling #inspiringgenerations #sustainabletrinity

1. Cycling is Inclusive

We're really proud of our graduate Ronan Griffen who highlights that for those who can't drive, cycling is a fast alternative that gives great freedom. Having launched Ireland's first disability bike parking last year, Trinity is keen to highlight cycling as an inclusive mode of transport.

See the full campaign here....

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