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#ChoiceInTransport - Green Week 2021

1. Infrastructure to Support #ChoiceInTransport

#ChoiceInTransport is a campaign we ran on Twitter to call for infrastructure to support walking, cycling, public transport, unicycling, e-scootering or any alternative. Many people are forced into car ownership. We want #ChoiceInTransport

#GreenWeek #SustainableTrinity

2. Students want to walk, staff want to cycle

Thanks to everyone who completed our COVID survey in June 2020.  Walking is what students would choose if all modes were available.  Staff want to cycle.  Read more here: We support Dublin City Council in reallocating space to facilitate #ChoiceInTransport

Photo: Ros Kavanagh

#GreenWeek #SustainableTrinity

3. We support reallocation of space to give #ChoiceInTransport

Transport privilege is having a choice in what transport you use.  Our COVID 19 transport survey found that the Trinity community supports the reallocation of space on Irish roads to give #ChoiceInTransport. Read more here.

#GreenWeek #SustainableTrinity


4. We support the allocation of public funds to give #ChoiceInTransport

Every year, to maintain roads ,the government allocates €600 euros for every single citizen.  Are you happy with that or would you like that €600 to go to other modes to offer #ChoiceInTransport?


#GreenWeek #SustainableTrinity


5. We support inclusive transport

The private car excludes everyone under the age of 17, those who can’t afford ~€600 to get a driver's licence, those who can’t afford to run a car (~€10k pa), people with disabilities like visual impairments or intellectual disabilities that make passing a driving test impossible.   Isn’t it time we had #ChoiceInTransport?

#GreenWeek #SustainableTrinity



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