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In Healthy Trinity we pride ourselves on having strong, evidence-informed opinions and we aim to use our voice to contribute to debate about health. Do you have something you'd like to say? Can you support your opinion with robust evidence? If so, get in touch on and let's see if we can work together. Below are some examples of student and staff led campaigns that aim to support a tobacco-free Ireland. You can see more on our Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Quitting smoking is crucial for students taking positive climate action

By Kathryn Edgar, 2nd year medical students as part of the #TCDMedStudentInitiative on Healthy Trinity Instagram

If we young people do not take some control over the destruction of our environment, then our generation and the ones to come will pay heavily for the environmental damage being done to our planet today. One of the substantial changes we have seen in recent years, and something that each of us can contribute to, is the reduction of plastic waste.

Plastic is responsible for millions of animals being killed each year. National Geographic warns us that over 700 species including endangered ones have been affected by eating plastic. There have been moves by the EU to reduce plastic waste. One of the major changes has been the introduction of a ban of single use plastics; straws, cups and cutlery are all banned by the EU since 2021.

However, there is a single use plastic which continues to be legal and that is the plastic filters found in cigarettes. It is ironic that single use plastic is still permitted in a product which is widely known to have such a devastating impact on a smoker’s health. What smokers may not know is the hugely damaging impact these filters have on our environment.

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Is the environment a “victim” of tobacco ?

By Sarah Sanusi, 2nd year medical students as part of the #TCDMedStudentInitiative on Healthy Trinity Instagram
As students, we love to gather on nights-out with friends, to get a social break from reality. Many of us may not smoke on a daily basis but will smoke socially on these occasions. Have you ever thought about the effect of  that ‘one cigarette’ on the environment?

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No Ifs Or Butts - How Tobacco Damages the Planet

Fourth year Business students created the No Ifs or Butts campaign to highlight the damage tobacco does to the environment. You can view it on Instagram here.

Other Campaigns Summary

The Healthy Trinity initiative was established in 2014 by the Tobacco Policy Committee to implement Healthy Ireland. Its focus is on all health promotion, not just tobacco. Some examples of Healthy Trinity campaigns undertaken by Trinity students and staff are below. If you have ideas for others, email Martina on