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Mental Health

Mental health is central to everything we do. So managing your mental health means focusing on both the micro and the macro. It’s a good idea to focus on mental health early in the term to set yourself up for the stressful end of term. We’ve seperated Trinity’s mental health supports into five sections because there are so many things to consider.

If you need urgent help outside working hours please click here.

How you can support your own mental health

You should always seek help if you need it. See the services section on this page for details of Trinity’s services. And no matter how your mental health is, self- management of mental health is an important part of every day.

How friends and social networks support mental health

Being socially connected is the most important buffer for mental health in times of stress. And people with good social networks live longer. Clubs and societies are open to new members all year round.

Academic Supports for Mental Health

Services for Mental Health