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Tap Tap for Mental Health – A campaign to support each other through summer exams 2021

What is Tap, Tap for Mental Health?

Remember library chats?  They were great.  At least when you were studying with a few friends you knew you weren’t the only one stressed out by exams .  Having buddies in the same boat, slogging your way through months of lecture notes at least came with the benefit of breaks for tea and chats and a bit of talent spotting.  At home, there’s none of the casual craic that made exams bearable. 

And what if you’re not coping?  Or you think your friend needs help?  Telling people you’re struggling is hard at the best of times but online it’s harder than ever, with the awkward silences, the talking over each and the dreaded ‘you’re on mute’.  That’s why we’re running the tap, tap for mental health campaign.  We’re encouraging Trinity students and staff to look out for each other this exam season by using a tap tap sign to say:

  • I’m available to talk about mental health if someone needs to

  • Or to tell someone, I need to talk about my mental health. 

See the full campaign here.

#Operation Examination - COVID-19 Winter Exams 2021

We will run the blog below as a social media campaign from the 4th – 16th January. Follow Healthy Trinity on Instagram and/or Facebook for #OperationExamination support.

1. You’ve come to the right place

Although this year has not been as we would like it, being in third level education is a really good move for your health.  In fact, by the age of 30, people who get an education beyond second level can expect to live four years longer than those who don’t.  So tough as these exams are, you’ve come to the right place.  We really want you to stick with your studies.  Read on for details of support to get you through.


See the full campaign here.

Winter is Coming - Preparing for a COVID-19 winterWintercoming

As you face an uncertain winter, what actions can you take to protect your mental health and boost your immunity?

COVID-19 has brought so much uncertainty and uncertainty can be bad for mental health.  Plus, you may be feeling anxious about contracting COVID-19.  This article suggests daily behaviours you should engage in to promote mental health over the winter and to boost your immunity in case you come in contact with the virus.  It reviews how Irish people are coping with COVID-19 and suggests you try new healthy routines over autumn, while the days are still long(ish) and the weather is sometimes good, to prepare for winter 2020.

Because lack of time is such an important barrier to health behaviours, this article encourages you to decide which behaviours are a priority for you.  It asks you to imagine an ordinary, healthy day in winter 2020 by asking this very specific question:

It’s bedtime on Friday, the 20th of November. It’s been dark since 5pm.  It’s cold, it’s wet but you’ve just had a great, ordinary day.  What does that look like for you? 

See the full campaign here.

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