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Dr. Yufei Huang
Associate Professor, Trinity Business School


Yufei Huang is an Associate Professor in Operations Management at Trinity Business School since 2018. Prior to joining Trinity, he was an Assistant Professor at the School of Management, University of Bath, UK. Yufei received PhD in Management from UCL School of Management, MS in Physics and BBA in Marketing from Xi'an Jiaotong University in China.

Yufei's research focuses on new product development and launch, supply chain management and quantitative marketing. His work has appeared in top management journals, such as Production and Operations Management, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Industrial Marketing Management and International Journal of Production Research. He regularly serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for various academic journals and book publishers, as well as a grant referee for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Yufei is passionate about teaching and has teaching experience at various levels, i.e., undergraduate, master and MBA, with broad topics, i.e., Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, Data Analytics and Project Management, and in different universities, i.e., University of Bath, UCL, LBS and LSE.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Feng T. Jiang Y. Huang Y., Antecedent configurations toward supply chain resilience: The joint impact of supply chain integration and big data analytics capability, Journal of Operations Management, 70, (2), 2024, p257 - 284 Journal Article, 2024

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Kasparis, Elena; Huang, Yufei; Lin, William; Vasilakis, Christos , Improving Timeliness in the Neglected Tropical Diseases Preventive Chemotherapy Donation Supply Chain Through Information Sharing: A Retrospective Empirical Analysis, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2021, p1-14 Journal Article, 2021

Cahill J., Howard V., Huang Y., Ye J., Ralph S., Dillon A. (2021). , Addressing Human Factors and Ethics in the Design of 'Future Work' and Intelligent Systems for Use in Financial Services - Person Centered Operations, Intelligent Work & the Triple Bottom Line. , Lecture Notes in Computer Science, HCI INTERNATIONAL 2021, Online/Virtual, 24-29 July 2021, edited by Duffy V.G. ( , 12777, Springer, 2021, pp3 - 13 Conference Paper, 2021 TARA - Full Text DOI

Cahill J., Howard V., Huang Y., Ye J., Ralph S., Dillon A, Intelligent Work: Person Centered Operations, Worker Wellness and the Triple Bottom Line, Communications in Computer and Information Science, HCI INTERNATIONAL 2021, Online/Virtual, 24-29 July 2021, edited by Stephanidis C., Antona M., Ntoa S. , 1421, Springer, 2021, pp307 - 314 Conference Paper, 2021 DOI TARA - Full Text

Avgerinos, Emmanouil and Fragkos, Ioannis and Huang, Yufei, Team familiarity in cardiac surgery operations: The effects of hierarchy and failure on team productivity, Human Relations, 73, (9), 2020, p1278 - 1307 Journal Article, 2020

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Feng, Xin; Chu Feng; Chu, Chengbin; Huang, Yufei, Crowdsource-enabled integrated production and transportation scheduling for smart city logistics, International Journal of Production Research , 2020, p20 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

Kong, Ting and Feng, Taiwen and Huang, Yufei and Cai, Junya, How to convert green supply chain integration efforts into green innovation: A perspective of knowledge-based view, Sustainable Development, 2020, p1 - 16 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

Huang, Yufei and Gokpinar, Bilal and Tang, Christopher S and Yoo, Onesun Steve, Selling Innovative Products in the Presence of Externalities, Production and Operations Management, 27, (7), 2018, p1236--1250 Journal Article, 2018

Feng, Taiwen and Huang, Yufei and Avgerinos, Emmanouil, When marketing and manufacturing departments integrate: The influences of market newness and competitive intensity, Industrial Marketing Management, 75, 2018, p218 - 231 Journal Article, 2018

Huang, Yufei and Yoo, Onesun Steve and Gokpinar, Bilal, Time Allocation in Entrepreneurial Selling: Impact of Consumer Peer Learning and Incumbent Reaction, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 65, (4), 2018, p590 - 603 Journal Article, 2018

Wang, Nengmin and Ma, Yungao and He, Zhengwen and Che, Ada and Huang, Yufei and Xu, Jinpeng, The impact of consumer price forecasting behaviour on the bullwhip effect, International Journal of Production Research, 52, (22), 2014, p6642--6663 Journal Article, 2014

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Huang, Yufei and Chu, Feng and Chu, Chengbin and Wang, Yingluo, Determining the number of new employees with learning, forgetting and variable wage with a Newsvendor model in pull systems, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 23, (1), 2012, p73--89 Journal Article, 2012

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Huang Y, & Cahill, J, Towards-a-law-of-robotics-in-the-workplace, The Council on Business & Society, 2021 Review Article, 2021 URL

Joan Cahill, Yufei Huang & Zarion , Designing the Workplace of the Future (Video), 2021 Oral Presentation, 2021 URL

Cahill, J & Huang, J, Shaping the Future of Work in Financial Services Enterprises, 2020 Working Paper, 2020 TARA - Full Text URL

Research Expertise


  • Title
    • Intelligent Work
  • Summary
    • This project will use human factors, operations management and business process analysis knowledge to define innovative and human-centred work concepts (i.e. the workplace of the future) which will optimise worker wellbeing, safety, productivity and efficiency, using novel 'intelligent work' concepts and allied technology systems (including AI and machine learning), and consequently improve the company's revenue in the long run.
  • Funding Agency
    • Enterprise Ireland
  • Date From
    • March 2020
  • Date To
    • March 2021
  • Title
    • Digitalisation and Innovation in Healthcare Services
  • Summary
    • The research project is focusing on digitalisation and innovation in healthcare services. This is an IRC Employment-Based Postgraduate Scholarship, jointly funded by IRC and Novartis Ireland
  • Funding Agency
    • Irish Research Council
  • Date From
    • September 2019
  • Date To
    • August 2023