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Modern & Contemporary Collections

Artist Biographies

The following are links to biographies of a selection of the artists and artworks in the Modern and Contemporary Art Collections, ordered alphabetically by artist surname.

In general, these biographies have been researched and compiled over a period of years by Collections Assistants as well as Undergraduate and Postgraduate interns, as a training exercise.

The project is ongoing and so the webpage will be added to over time, adding works from our Historic Collection, Sculpture and Statuary, and the College Silver.

Please note that clicking on a link will open the document in the same window of your pc or download a text-only pdf document onto your device.

ALECHINSKY Pierre “Boréalité Rouge”

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BAER Jo “Cardinations No. 8”

BALLAGH Robert “Third of May after Goya”

BALLAGH Robert “The Rape of the Sabines after David”

BALLAGH Robert “Map Murals Modelli”

BASSO Dario “Ojo”

BAYER Herbert “Corona”

BAYER Herbert “Structure on Green”

BEHAN John “Bull fight”

BEHAN John “Head”

BEWICK Pauline “Orange Cat”

BICÂT André “Head”

BILL Max “Max Bill: 1966” (limited edition poster)

BOURKE Brian “Don Quixote”

BOYD Arthur “Ordeal by Fire”

BRADY Charles “Wolfetone’s Military Hat-box”

BRADY Charles “Billie Can”

BRAQUE Georges “Fishes”

BRAQUE Georges “Fleurs”

BRAQUE Georges “Le Nid ou Oiseau IX”

BRAQUE Georges “Les Soleils”

BRAQUE Georges “La Liberté des Mers” (limited edition poster)

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CAMPBELL George “Composition no.1”

CARSON SHAW David “From the Edge”

CARSON SHAW David “A Labyrinthine Summer”

CARSON SHAW David “In Umbria Celeste”

CARSON SHAW David “Windows on the Sea”

CHAGALL Marc “Galerie Maeght, Juin -Juillet” (limited edition poster)

CHAGALL Marc “Galerie Maeght, 25 Mai - 31 Juillet" (limited edition poster)

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DAVIE Alan “Birds Discovering a Temple”

DELVAUX Paul “Chrysio” (limited edition poster)

DORIS Chris “Untitled”

DUGGAN Brian “Trinity”

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FARRELL Micheal “Red Beginning”

FARRELL Micheal “Pressé Series Black with Red”

FARRELL Micheal “Douglas Hyde Gallery Retrospective 20 April-20 May”

FIEDLER François “François Fiedler, Galerie Maeght” (limited edition poster)

FOUW Jan de “Stag”

FRIEDLANDER Johnny “Counterpoint”

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GRAHAM Patrick “Transfiguration”

GROENER Anita “After Somewhere Else”

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HERMAN Josef “Miners”

HICKEY Patrick “Hornbill”

HICKEY Patrick “Still Life in Blue”

HICKEY Patrick “February (Sunflower)”

HICKEY Patrick “The Silver Apples of the Moon, the Golden Apples of the Sun”

HOCKNEY David “Hollywood Bowl” (limited edition poster)

HONE Evie “St Veronica Wipes the Face of Christ”

HOUNAM Donald “Douglas Hyde Gallery, the Stairs, TCD”

HUGHES Myra K. “Five views of Trinity College: Parliament Square (I)”

HUGHES Myra K. “Five views of Trinity College: Examination Hall (II)”

HUGHES Myra K. “Five views of Trinity College: Campanile (III)”

HUGHES Myra K. “Five views of Trinity College: Library by Night (IV)”

HUGHES Myra K. “Five views of Trinity College: Botany Bay (V)”

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IRELAND Patrick “Here”

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JELLETT Mainie “Four Elements (sketch)”

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KEATING John “The Shroud and the Head”

KIRKWOOD Harriet “Still life”

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LANE Jennifer “Carraig Rua”

LAPAYESE Ramon “The Bull”

LYNCH Breda “Warrior”

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MATISSE Henri “Chapelles, Peintures, Dessins, Sculptures- Exhibition at Maison de la Pensée Française” (limited edition poster)

MATTA Roberto “Dors L’ing”

McCANN Fionn “Rory”

McGUINNESS Norah “Dunmore East”

McGUINNESS Norah “Dublin Bay”

McGUINNESS Norah “Edge of the Woods”

McGUINNESS Norah “Thames”

McGUINNESS Norah “Paris”

McNAB Theo “Dark Perpendicular”

McWEENEY Leslie “Two Heads”

MIRÓ Joan “Murales, Peintures - Galerie Maeght” (limited edition poster)

MIRÓ Joan “Miró, Céramiques Monumentales - Galerie Maeght” (limited edition poster)

MIRÓ Joan “Cartons - Galerie Maeght” (limited edition poster)

MIRÓ Joan “L’oiseau Solaire, l’Oiseau Lunaires Étincelles - Galerie Maeght” (limited edition poster)

MOORE Henry “Line Drawing, Seated Figure Series”

MOORE Henry “Seated Figure”

MOORE Henry “Superior Eye, Helmet Head Series”

MOYNIHAN Rodrigo “Untitled”

MULCAHY Michael “The New Plant”

MULCAHY Michael “Ancestral Head I”

MULCAHY Michael “Entrance II”

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O’DEA Mick “Portrait of Prof. George W. P. Dawson”

OLVERSON Vicki “Carrying Fish II”

O’SULLIVAN Michael “Lear Ó Lunachain no. 1”

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PALAZUELO Pablo “Emblema II”

PICASSO Pablo “Le Couple”

PICASSO Pablo “60 years of Graphic Works” (limited edition poster)


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REID Nano “Football Interrupted”

REID Nano “Seabirds Watching Waves”

RIVERS Larry “Boston Massacre Series”

ROUAULT Georges “In the mouth that was sweet with the taste of gall…(Miserere Series)”

ROUAULT Georges “Sometimes the blind comfort those that see…(Miserere Series)”

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SCOTT Patrick “Device”

SCOTT William “Grey and Blue”

SCOTT William “Odeon Suite”

SCOTT William “Still life”

SHERIDAN Noel “The Bog”

SOULAGES Pierre “Grey Composition”

SOUTER Camille “On Their Way”

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TAL-COAT Pierre Jacob “Galerie Maeght, Paris 1962” (limited edition poster)

TÀPIES Antoni “Galerie Maeght, Paris” (limited edition poster)

THORNTON Valerie “Arachora”

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VASARELY Victor “Blue Serigraph"

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WAGEMAKER Jaap “Untitled”

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YAO Ching-Jang “Houston II”

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