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Art Hire Scheme is now 'AIR' - Art In Rooms



We are re-imagining what used to be called ‘The College Gallery’ or ‘The Art Hire Scheme’.

Behind-the-scenes, a new scheme for students is being devised to enable even more people to enjoy the Art Collections – and no hire fee!

Our aim is to hang an artwork in every common area/living room of every student residence, so that every student living in rooms or visiting friends in rooms will encounter art daily, where you live and in other spaces where you learn and study.

We have begun installing artworks in various parts of the student residences. However, there have been delays to the programme that were beyond our control due to the pandemic and its knock-on effects across the campus.

We hope to get the go-ahead to continue this in 2023. Installing art in the living areas entails arranging access to each student residence, which are occupied all year-round by students or tourists/visitors. This is a very gradual process and will take a number of years to complete depending on levels of access provided at different times of the year, and, on the schedule of the other projects we work on across the main campus and every site that Trinity College uses across the city.

We are also a very small team of less than 3 people full-time, but a passionate team and we look forward to bringing more artworks to more people, in a sustained and meaningful way with our new AIR programme.



The former Art Hire Scheme for staff members is suspended at present, meaning we cannot currently plan new displays.

Do please contact should you wish to return the artwork that you currently have on display in your room or office, whether you ‘hired’ the artwork or inherited it, especially if you are leaving your role or changing office, you must notify us of this with at least 1 month lead-in time.

Thank you for helping the College care for its visual heritage.