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Art Care Instructions for Students

  • If you do not have a nail / hook in the wall for the picture, contact the Accommodation Office to arrange.
  • Ensure pictures are hung as soon as possible, do not lean against walls or place on tables or behind furniture as this may result in damage
  • Do not hang pictures over machines emitting heat e.g. PCs/photocopiers/microwaves
  • Do not hang pictures on a taut wire
  • Do not hang in a steamy, humid room or close to the kitchen area of residences
  • Do not hang in an overly hot, dry room
  • Do not hang over heaters / fires / radiators of any type
  • Do not hang in direct sunlight or close proximity to artificial lighting, in particular fluorescent UV lighting
  • Do check if the picture cord / wire and hooks can hold the weight of the picture
  • Do check over the year that the cord or wire has not worn away
  • Do email the Curator if the picture is damaged during your hire period


  • All Pictures must remain in the location stated on the signed agreement until return date specified by the Curator
  • The deliberate damage to pictures or loss thereof will be considered as a debt to College and treated accordingly
  • Random check on pictures will be made throughout the year

For urgent queries regarding your picture contact us.