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The Provost's Fund for Contemporary Art

Initiated and enthusiastically supported by Provost Patrick Prendergast we have an annual fund for Contemporary Art. See a selection of art purchased with this fund below.

College Gallery Art Hire Scheme Purchases

Every year a limited selection of pictures from our University Art Collections are made available for hire at a nominal rate for students with residential rooms and staff with offices on campus. New artworks are purchased with help from the proceeds of the scheme. See a selection of these artworks below.

Recent Donations

From the 18th Century to the present day, a significant proportion of the Art Collections at Trinity College Dublin has been donated. We celebrate creativity, the artist and the donor, who are often one and the same person. Many donations also come from our former students. As alumni, they seek to honour the University by sharing work evoking how they were inspired by individuals and ideas during their time here. We are hugely appreciative of the ongoing support of all our patrons. See a selection of our donations below.