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Since the second half of the 20th century, geochemistry has emerged as the generalist discipline in the geosciences and has contributed substantially towards exploring the mystery of the genesis of our planets (Schönbein, 1838). The Geology Department at TCD has a strong track record in geochemistry, particularly in the investigation of spatial and temporal variability of element cycles and detailed deductions from the make-up of rocks, minerals and other compounds. We address both fundamental questions such as ‘how old is a rock’ and applied questions such as ‘where and how do the critical elements we need for our new technologies concentrate’.

The Geochemistry Strand is a diverse portfolio of research, which includes isotope and tephro-stratigraphy, thermal history, tectonic processes and the evolution of magmas. Our state of the art analytic facility is at TCD Geochemistry, Unit 7, TTEC.

Strategic alignment

Microchemical analysis is very strongly aligned with nanomaterials analysis and semi-conductor research. The ability to sequentially ablate through material (depth-profiling) is of equal use in geology and material science.

For further information on this theme please contact one of the following staff members:

Balz Kamber                   (early Earth evolution, crustal and magma evolution)
David Chew                    (geochronology, isotope geochemistry, low temperature thermochronology)
Quentin Crowley             (geochronology, zircon, laser ablation)
Emma Tomlinson             (mantle geochemistry, metasomatism, tephra geochemistry)
Catherine Rose               (chemostratigraphy, stable isotopes)
Sean McClenaghan         (ore deposits, exhalative massive sulphides, trace elements)
Teresa Ubide                  (magma evolution, crystal chemistry)
Robbie Goodhue             (building materials, stable isotopes, vitrinite reflectance)
Chris Nicholas                 (stable isotopes, geochemistry in petroleum exploration)
Ian Sanders                    (early Solar system evolution)
Cora McKenna               (flood basalts)



Last updated 25 June 2014